Opposite to the formation based on an isolated knowledge of how to design, calculate and plan, we propose knowledge joined to the look of a new reality. This “stop and look” decision needs a new room where what was already looked is proposed as a start point for the non-looked. The room where the typologically knowledge was taught, gives way to a new observatory: the Look Laboratory.

This “stop to look” origins a necessary “stop to think”. It means to think from the origin to rethink what is already known. The intensification of the look makes the architectonic project a renovated research activity. The decision of stopping to look, which we began with the “Meninas” in Velazquez’s workshop, discovers that learning to look is a good way of getting the capability of thinking a new reality. It is a look that, as the one of Georges Meliès, reminds us that creating and discovering is about daring to look.

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