The relationship between architecture and inhabitant is not something that remains unchanged throughout history, it belongs to a civilization process that links facts, encounters and misunderstandings to an inherited framework, origin of a constant transformation of architectonic and spatial models. At the end of the 19th century, the history of human habitation suffers a renovation that basically affects the way to understand our heritage. If in the past we had based our understanding of habitation on the architectonic model of the illustrated theory that responded to the shape of the cabin, the new model was to imagine a new form capable of giving form to the indeterminate. The box thus becomes that non representative form that corresponds to the search of an abstraction as characteristic, although not unique, of our time: the box is the place of the contemporary dweller, the representation of its space. The order of the box, of constructive structure, marks the place between space and place where men and women inhabit: the box of air.

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